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Antique glass lampshade, dating from around the 1930s-1940s.
The glass is slightly yellowish in color, and white on the inside (for extra light output when the lamp is on).

The edge of the glass shade is pleated, very stylish.

There is a small corner from the glass near the handle, see the last photo. You normally don't see any of this, because this piece of the lampshade disappears completely in the handle / glass carrier.

Condition of the lamp

Antique lampshade, shows normal traces of use.

Date: 1940s
Colour: (light) yellow
Material: glass
Bulb holder: big fitting (E27) or small fitting (E14) both are possible
Fitting opening, inner size (cm): 3.8 ( = 1.5 inch )
Fitting opening, outer size (cm): 5.6 ( = 2.2 inch )
Heigth of Lamp shade (cm): 9.5 ( = 3.7 inch )
Diameter of Lamp shade (cm): 26.0 ( = 10.2 inch )
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