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Unique French pendant lamp from the 1930s. In terms of shape / style it is close to Art Deco.

A blue white glass centre bowl and 3 lampshades on the sides.
The lamp is signed (and that does not happen very often): Rethondes.

Pâte de verre is the processing of finely crushed glass and glass granules mixed with powders. This is again mixed with a binder / paste (for example gum arabic) to form a glass paste.

This mixture is layered with a spatula or the like. applied in a mold. The mold is often made of heat-resistant plaster and can only be used once. The mold and its contents are fired in a glass oven, after which the mold is removed after the cooling process. Each lampshade is therefore unique.

Note: this lamp has bayonet fittings.


This rare lamp is a true beauty !



Condition of the lamp

Art Deco hanging lamp, shows normal traces of use.

Date: 1930s
Colour: blue, white
Bulb holder: bayonet
Number of fittings: 4
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Diameter Ceiling Cap (cm): 10.0 ( = 3.9 inch )
Total heigth (cm): 75.0 ( = 29.5 inch )
Outside diameter (cm): 60.0 ( = 23.6 inch )
shorten / extend: cannot be shortened and can only be extended by means of a chain
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