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Article code: 3-3004

Cream coloured candle cover of 8.5 cm / 3.35 inch high. To completely restore your old chandelier.

NOTE: If you order lamp sockets together with this candle sleeve, ONLY fitting no. 3-3012, being the 'adjustable lamp socket' in our webshop is suitable for this candle sleeve model.

This candle sleeve corresponds in color and diameter to candle sleeve 3-3005. The candle sleeve under No. 3-3005 is slightly larger than this.

Technical state

Hoogte eenvoudig in te korten door stukje van de kaarshuls af te zagen / snijden

Als U samen met deze kaarshuls fittingen besteld is ALLEEN fittingnr. 3-3012, zijnde de 'verstelbare fitting' in onze webshop geschikt voor dit model kaarshuls.

Deze huls is geschikt voor kleine fittingen (e-14)

Colour: cream
Material: plastic
With / Without droplets: with drops
Heigth of Candle sleeve (cm): 8.5 (3.35 inch)
Inner Diameter (cm): 2.3 (0.91 inch)
Bulb holder: e14 fitting (small size fitting)
Outer Diameter (cm): 2.5 (0.98 inch)