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Brocante hanging lamp from France. Yes, let's try to describe this special lamp! She's big, let's put that first. A height of about one meter / 40 inch and, with candlesticks, a diameter of 65.0 cm / 25.5 inch. The bottom dish is made of alabaster, which is a natural stone type that lets in very warm light, the bowl itself has a diameter of 40.0 cm / 15.7 inch. The bowl is completely trimmed with gold-coloured copper at the edges and at the bottom by means of a knob. The scale is fixed to this system. The chains are therefore not hanging from the alabaster but from the copper frame around it. There are three small fittings in the bowl, so these provide the light through the alabaster. Three electric candles are also standing upright on the sides of the bowl. The light output of the hanging lamp is slightly increased because of this. The chains to the ceiling are very detailed, with beautiful links, just admire them. However, very striking are the Cameos between the links. Blue background with white images. Lady Justice being handed her scales by a cherub? Roman Greek. Because the shell is made of natural stone and veins run through it, a vein has opened up slightly due to the antiquity of the stone (working over time as with wood).

Condition of the lamp

Schaal heeft een openstaande ader in de albasten kap.

Date: 1930s
Colour: gold, cream-brown
Bulb holder: small size fitting (E14)
Number of fittings: 6
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Diameter Ceiling Cap (cm): 15.0 ( = 5.9 inch )
Total heigth (cm): 95.0 ( = 37.4 inch )
Outside diameter (cm): 38.0 scale 38.0 ( = 15.0 inch ), with candlesticks 65.0 ( = 25.6 inch )
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