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Vintage lampshade.
The lampshade is made of frosted glass.
There is a bubble in the glass, making it look like the glass sparkles.
The glass has all small rectangular compartments.

The cap has a small raised edge.
The edge runs slightly outwards, but you don't really have a good grip with a glass carrier with three screws.

We recommend that you place the cap between two screw rings.

Condition of the lamp

Glass lampshade, shows normal traces of use.

Date: 1940
Colour: frosted glass
Material: glass
Bulb holder: large size fitting E27 & small size fitting E14, both possible
Fitting opening, inner size (cm): 4.0 (1.6 inch)
Fitting opening, outer size (cm): 4.9 (1.9 inch)
Heigth of Lamp shade (cm): 16.0 (6.3 inch)
Diameter of Lamp shade (cm): 9.5 (3.7 inch)
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