Hanging Hook

A hanging hook or a hanging loop, in various versions, each can be found here. To hang your lamp beautifully and safely!

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Hanging Hooks & Hanging Loops - some tips


Cable passage or not?
There are hanging loops with cord passage. Often useful when you work with lamps, so you can easily pull the lamp cord through.

And therefore also models that are closed, where you can not pull a cord.
Pay attention to this when purchasing.

Most hanging loops and hooks that we sell with cord passage.


Hanging a very heavy lamp?
Then we recommend the following construction.
Hanging loop  pipe - hanging loop
Choose a nice and firm / solid loop on both sides, such as this hanging loop for example.

Here you will find short (and longer) pipes

M10 or M13 thread?
The various suspension eyes we sell have internal thread, in M10x1 or M13x1
M10x1: 1.0 cm (0.39 inch) with pitch 1 (or fine thread)
M13x1: 1.3 cm (0.51 inch) with pitch 1 (or fine thread)

Both are widely used in lamp making.

Hanging loops and hanging hooks are mainly used when a lamp is hanging on a chain.
You can bend the last link open, put it in the hanging loop in and then bend the link again until it is closed.