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Glass lamp shade. Colour: light brown. The lampshade has a bit of a pudding shape. 22.0 cm / 8.7 inch wide and 7.9 cm / 3.1 inch high, descending in floors. Lampshade has no raised edge. For attaching to a cord, this uses lamp shade rings around a fitting with external thread.

Condition of the lamp

Lampenkapje, aan de rand een kleine beschadiging, zie foto's.

Date: 1940s
Colour: brown
Material: glass
Bulb holder: large size E27
Fitting opening, inner size (cm): 5.0 (2.0 inch)
Heigth of Lamp shade (cm): 7.9 (3.1 inch)
Diameter of Lamp shade (cm): 22.0 (8.7 inch)