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Round frosted glass lamp shade with painted small red flowers.
The lampshade can be dated around the 1930s.

You can also make a very nice hanging lamp from this lampshade with the help of our complete self-making lamp set and then hang it in the kitchen, for example.

Condition of the lamp

1930s lampshade, painting has somewhat faded over the many decades since this beautiful lampshade was made.

Date: 1930s
Colour: frosted glass, red
Material: glass
Bulb holder: large size and small size, both possible
Fitting opening, outer size (cm): 5.7 (2.2 inch)
Heigth of Lamp shade (cm): 8.9 (3.5 inch)
Diameter of Lamp shade (cm): 24.5 (9.6 inch)
Kitchen Lighting