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Brass cover plate for lamps, 14.5 cm / 5.7 inch diameter, gold-coloured.
The round opening in the middle is M10 (or 1.0 cm / 0.39 inch).

You use this type of cover plates in combination with a glass support and a glass lampshade without collar / raised edge.

The glass carrier enters and carries the glass cover.
The cover plate is on top of the glass cover, on the outside.

Then you need a rod, cord or piece of chain to complete the whole.
With a strain relief (in connection with a cord) or adjusting ring (in connection with a rod or chain), you can clamp the glass cover nicely. This will be placed on top of the cover plate.

Technical state

Opening uit vijlen wanneer je grotere diameter (zoals M13) nodig hebt

Je hebt nog wel een stelring (i.g.v. stang) of trekontlaster (i.g.v. snoer) nodig

Material: brass
Colour: gold colour
Outer Diameter (cm): 14.5 (5.7 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 , M10 (0.39 inch)
Heigth (cm): 2.7 (1.1 inch)