Antique and Old Ceiling Lamps

Discover the Most Beautiful Authentic Ceiling Lamps from the Period 1900-1970. View our Unique Range Online and Discover All Our Lamps in Different Styles.

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You will find beautiful authentic ceiling lamps and ceiling lamps in various styles in our Lamplord collection. We excel in our unique range of lamps from the period 1910 - 1970. Are you looking for an Art Deco ceiling lamp, a Vintage lamp or another authentic lamp? Chances are we have the lamp you are looking for.

We are based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Soest,  and are specialised in old ceiling lamps.
With us you will therefore only find ceiling lighting from the period 1900 - 1970. Stylish and unique ceiling lamps, all of which have been checked by us and where necessary have new parts and / or new wiring. All the beautiful ceiling lamps we publish online are in an excellent condition!

We have old (and antique) ceiling lamps in different styles, such as Art Deco from the 20s - 40s, or nice Retro and Vintage ceiling lamps Vintage Ceiling Lamps from the 50s - 70s. We do our best to ensure that there is always a large selection of ceiling lamps are online, usually more than 300 (unique) copies.

Approx. 95% of our customers order a ceiling lamp based on the online photos. We therefore do our utmost to present the collection as truthfully and clearly as possible. What you see is what you get! And to reinforce this even more: we guarantee you a generous 21 days "right of return", money back, no questions asked! Would you nevertheless prefer to see a ceiling lamp in person before you buy it, this is always possible. Never hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment: tel: +31 20 789 33 55 ; email: [email protected].


What to look for when buying an antique or vintage ceiling lamp?

The dimensions of ceiling lamps can hardly be changed. You often have to deal with a fixed diameter and height. If you want to buy a ceiling light, always first check whether it fits well in the room where you want to hang it.

If you have limited space in terms of height (think of a low space or when there is little space between the top of a door and the ceiling), then you are looking for a very flat ceiling light. 10-12 cm in height for a ceiling lamp is pretty much the minimum, we rarely see them much flatter.

Think further about which room the ceiling lamp is intended for. Outside under a roof or in the roof or in the bathroom are areas where you must have a suitable lamp. Porcelain, plastic and glass are ideal for this. Most metals will weather over time, which can give a more industrial look. Some people like that. Other people do not like this at all. It is very personal. If you are unsure whether a particular lamp is suitable for a bathroom or under a roof, please contact us!


How do you fix a ceiling light to the ceiling?

1. Remove the glass from the fixture.
2. Take a good look at the fixture.
Usually there are 2 (sometimes 3 or 4) holes in the "bottom" of the luminaire.
Then you use this to screw the screws into the ceiling.
Depending on your ceiling: use plugs.
3. Sometimes you can hang the lamp on a hook; see the explanation in this case.