Reducer & Connector

Adapter, coupling piece, pipe connectors, ring nipples etc. You will find them below. In Various Designs. This allows you to Connect 2 Pipes. Can come in handy when you're Making or Repairing Lamps.

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The basic idea here is that you connect 2 (or more) pipes together.

Pipe Connectors / Couplings:
This piece connects 2 pipes with the same diameter together.
You do need a short thread / threaded end on the end of the tube.
Otherwise you cannot attach the pipe connector.

You can also use a coupling piece to attach a protruding piece of threaded end and a pipe together.

We offer these pipe connectors / couplings in M10x1 and in M13x1.
These are sizes that are often used for making/restoring lamps.

If you are going to measure the diameter, you should preferably use a caliper. The more accurate the measurement, the better!
1 millimeter difference in diameter can be enough to ensure that a pipe does not fit.


Reducer / reducing piece:
With this you can connect 2 pipes with different diameters.
We have adapter nipples / reducers in various versions (M13 to M10, for example) and in various materials.

Do you also know which "combination" you need with regard to "Internal thread or External thread"?
Internal thread (female)= screw thread on the inside of the adapter
External thread (male) = you guessed it, screw thread on the outside of the reducer.


Corner pieces T's and Cross Connections
These are the "special cases".
But in essence, these connectors do the same as described above.
1. A corner piece creates a connection with a 90 degree angle between the 2 pipes
2. A T-piece gives a T, or 1 vertical pipe and 2 side pipes.
3. The "Cross", a connector with 4 holes in it, creating a cross shaped pipe connection.

You will also find on this page various other useful lamp parts such as:
plate nipples,
adjustment joints.

When you are making a lamp yourself or refurbishing an existing lamp, they can come in handy.