Lamp Wire

Here you will find the beautiful lamp wire. We have the electrical cord in different colours; and in 2 versions: round and braided wire. The round fabric cord is usually 2 core and sometimes 3 core. The braided cord is often 3-core and sometimes 2-core.

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Three-core lamp wire gives a nicer twist than a two-core wire.

What can you do with textile lamp wire; some ideas to inspire you a bit:

replace an existing cord and bring a little more colour into your home,
give an (old) desk lamp a completely new look,
repair a hanging lamp and (if possible) hang it on a coloured textile thread.

A tip; it may be helpful to secure the fabric portion of the cord to the ends with a small piece of adhesive tape. This prevents fraying of the fabric and also prevents the fabric "cover" from sliding. You can also apply this if you want to cut the thread. An adhesive bench where you want to cut and then cut the adhesive tape in half.

The fabric cord fits in an envelope up to approx. 8-10 meters.
If you want to buy more than 10 meters of textile cord, it comes in a box.
One roll of iron cord has a maximum of 100 meters, so that is the longest continuous length you can buy.