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In our assortment you will find different lamp cords. We have both braided lamp cords and lamp cords in different colors. Take a look at our assortment and find the cord that best fits your lamp.

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About our lamp cords

You will find different designs in our assortment. The round lamp cords are usually 2-core, but we also have 3-core variants. These round lamp cords are as it were in a fabric cover. The braided iron cord, on the other hand, is usually 3-core, which gives a nicer twist than a 2-core iron cord.

Generally speaking, we are talking about a lamp cord, but actually you can almost all electrical devices equipped with these cords. You can replace a cord of your lamp if it is damaged or if you want to give it a new look. A gold colored lamp is of course also more beautiful with a cord in the same color. In our assortment you will find standard lamp cords in white or black, but we also have many cords in different styles and colors, so you can give the cord of your lamp the same look and feel as the lamp itself.

What can you do with a lamp cord?

You can use a lamp cord to repair or restore a lamp to its original state. A classic lamp doesn't get any better with a brand new black or white lamp cord. With a cord in the right style you can make sure a lamp keeps its look, but of course you can also give a lamp a new look to bring more color into your home.

Are you going to replace a lamp cord with a fabric one? Then we have a tip. Make sure the fabric cover stays in place by attaching it with an adhesive tape at both ends. This prevents the fabric from fraying or sliding. Even if you're going to cut the cord, it's a good idea to apply a shelf tape at the place where you're going to cut the cord, so that the fabric stays in place.


Buy a Lamplord cord from Lamplord

You can order our lamp cords per meter. So whether you need a small piece or want to replace several cords, you can just buy exactly what you need. Up to 10 meters we can ship your cord in an envelope, the shipping costs are only € 3.99. If you want to order more than 10 meters, the shipping costs are € 6.95. On 1 complete roll is 100 meters, making it the longest continuous length you can buy from us.
Do you order your lamp cord before 15.30? Then we will ship it the same day. Do you have questions about our products or do you need help repairing a lamp or finding the right parts? Please contact our customer service.