Authentic Pendant Lamps: Vintage, Art Deco, Antique and Industrial

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Discover our unique pendant (hanging) lamps. Both online and in our store you will find a wide range of authentic pendant lamps, lamp parts and accessories. We are located in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, both in Amsterdam and in Soest (which is where our warehouse is located) and we sell pendant lamps from the period 1900 - 1970. Atmospheric lighting, brocante hanging lamps, vintage pendant lamps, or lamps with a story, with history.

Before we offer an antique or vintage hanging lamp for sale online, the lamp has been completely checked by us and when necessary, restored with new parts and/or new wiring (of course in the style of the lamp). Only then a pendant lamp will be put online in our webshop.
Do you not see a beautiful hanging lamp with us online? Then visit our store and discover our complete range. Or contact us via email or telephone. We will do our very best to find the pendant lamp of your dreams. We are also happy to help you if you are looking for parts or want to repair your antique lamp!

We have old (and antique) hanging lamps in various styles in our web shop, such as tasty Vintage design from around 1950 - 1970, Art Deco lamps from the 1920s - 1940s or even older truly antique lamps. We do our best to ensure that there is always a large and diverse range of hanging lamps online.

Approx. 95% of our customers order a pendant lamp based on the photos that we publish online. We therefore do our utmost to present our collection of lamps as truthfully and clearly as possible. What you see is really what you get. And to reinforce this even more: we guarantee a generous 21-day "right of return", money back: 'no questions asked!'

Would you nevertheless prefer to see one of our antique or vintage hanging lamps in person before purchasing? Call or email us for an appointment (+3120 - 789 33 55, [email protected]).


What to look for when buying an authentic pendant lamp?

1. The height of the pendant lamp (can it be adjusted?)

There are 4 options:
A. Hanging lamp on cord. - Easy to adjust in height.
B. Hanging lamp on a chain. - Also easy to adjust in height, by removing or adding links.
C. Lamp on rod: - Slightly less simple, but usually a sleeve to adjust.
D. Pendant lamp with solid fixture / one-piece fixture. - Not usually to shorten. It is often possible to renew.


2. Mood Lighting or Reading Lamp?


Is the pendant lamp intended to read / update, or rather as mood lighting?
Should the light of the lamp shine down or up?
Do you need a lot of light or is that not very important?
Just a few questions, so you can get a better picture of what you are looking for.

Need a lot of light? To read or work on: Think of a lampshade with an open shade, which ensures that the light is directed downwards. You can also choose a hanging lamp with several lamps in it for enough light to read and work.

The light bulb. Sometimes you see the light bulb (s) with antique hanging lamps. This was a sign of wealth in the years 1910-1930; then you could afford your electric current. With these types of lamps it can be worthwhile to use beautiful incandescent lamps (now also available in LED). Such as, for example, so-called filament filament bulbs. Another possibility is the front mirror light bulb.


3. The Size of the Pendant Lamp

This of course depends on the room and also on the function of the pendant lamp in the room in question. Below are a few examples with some questions, so you can start thinking about the type of lamp that fits in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or hall.

Really large hanging lamps do need enough space to come into their own, which also means that you have to have sufficient height. Do you have a high ceiling? Then you don't have to worry about the height, but with low ceilings, large pendant lights can become a real obstacle. So make sure that the lamp fits nicely in the room where you want to hang it.

Hall Lighting:
Do you or do not have to take into account a (front) door that opens and closes? Do you have a spacious hall and are you looking for several identical lamps in a row? Do you have a fairly high space and can you store a somewhat larger lamp in the hall or will you have to do it with a modest ceiling lamp.

Hanging lamp above the dining table
One large lamp or several smaller hanging lamps next to each other?
Tip: in terms of height, keep roughly 1.60 meters for the bottom of the lamp.

Kitchen Lighting
Hanging lamps in the kitchen, above the kitchen counter, do you choose some of the same somewhat smaller hanging lamps or do you take glass lampshades on a cord? Can also be fun to hang a few completely different lights next to each other. Or do you have little height or limited space? Then go for pendant lamps that sit close to the ceiling.


4. Hanging Lamp and Styling - Interior

Our experience is that the right lamp can bring a lot of extra into a room. Usually, lighting is (rightly) done as the last part of the interior, so that you know exactly which light you need where.

You often want a combination of:
stylish - personal - statement - beautiful to look at,
and also very functional, whether you want to create an atmosphere or provide enough light to read and work.

Are you thinking about a very large hanging lamp; make sure that it is given enough space so that it can come into its own.

One last tip: lots of direct light in the bedroom is not pleasant. Make sure there is more soft, indirect light.


5 . Signs of Wear of a Lamp

When you buy a vintage hanging lamp, take a good look at the condition of the lamp.
Traces of use are quite normal with old lamps.
Two important points to look at:
1. Is the cord still OK or does it need to be replaced?
2. Is all glassware still intact (otherwise often difficult to restore)?


6. Maintenance of a Pendant Lamp

Some short tips when hanging the pendant lamp.

  1. The most important: turn the electric power off!
  2. Be careful, especially with glass. This is often difficult to replace. Especially if you have several lampshades, it is difficult to find the same one, so you have to replace all the caps. If it is somewhat easy, take off the lampshades.
  3. Take your time. If you are in a hurry, do something else and continue later.