Art Deco Pendant (Hanging) Lamps

Discover the most beautiful Art Deco pendant lamps from the period 1910-1940. All our Art Deco lamps are technically checked and ready to use. Discover our complete range.

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Art Deco lamps

Art Deco is a style which originated in the early to mid twentieth century. The characteristic of the Art Deco style is that traditional techniques and designs of the past are combined with new materials and techniques. You can see the Art Deco style in architecture, fashion, art and therefore also in our vintage hanging lamps.

Are you looking for an Art Deco pendant lamp? In our range you will find dozens of different models with a beautiful Art Deco design. The striking thing about Art Deco lamps is that you'll find both sleek designs and more opulent ones. Choose a sleekly designed, timeless lamp or go for a lamp with the look of an antique pendant lamp.

Authentic lamps at Lamplord

The advantage of our Art Deco pendant lamps is that they are all authentic lamps that really give your interior more atmosphere. During the production beautiful durable materials are used, such as bronze, copper, nickel or metal. With us you will find mainly lamps with glass shades.

All lamps online are technically checked and ready for use. Are you looking for a specific lamp or do you have any questions about our product range? Please contact us, we are happy to help you find a beautiful lamp.