Ceiling Cap - Ceiling Plate

In the Lamplord assortment you will find an extensive collection of ceiling caps in all shapes, types and sizes. Take a look at our collection and find a ceiling cap that fits your pendant lamp.

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The use of a ceiling cap

A ceiling cap is needed to hang your lamp neatly. You put the lamp cord through the ceiling cap. The lamp cord is hidden within the ceiling hood and also the terminal block and the hanging hook can be hidden within the ceiling cap. This way you can get rid of the less beautiful parts of your lamp. Most lamps usually have a matching ceiling cap, but this is not always the case with old lamps. In our assortment you will find a large assortment of ceiling caps in different shapes and styles.

Ceiling cap connecting directly to cord

If you want to connect a ceiling hood directly to the lamp cord, place a strain relief under the ceiling hood. This allows you to attach the ceiling hood tightly to the ceiling. Don't use a adjusting ring, these have a metal screw that you don't want to screw directly on or in your cord. If you do, you may get a short circuit.

Ceiling hood combined with rod and pendulum
Are you looking for a ceiling hood for a hanging lamp with rod and pendant? Then you will need to place a adjusting ring under the ceiling hood. Some of the ceiling caps in our range come with this as standard. Otherwise you will have to buy the adjusting ring separately. Use a caliper to measure the outside diameter of the rod of your pendant. Usually you need an adjusting ring of 1.0 cm (M10) or 1.3 cm (M13) to hold your ceiling cap, but other diameters also occur.

Suspending a pendant lamp from a chain
Do you want to hang a lamp with a lamp chain? Then this works about the same as with a lamp with rod and pendulum. In this case you use a piece of rod with an eye on it. This is also called a standpipe. So here you also need a adjusting ring.

Ceiling caps in style with your lamp

To hang a hanging lamp as beautiful as possible, it is as fine as it fits the look of your lamp. That's why you'll find a large assortment of different types of ceiling caps. You can come to us for a plastic or metal ceiling cap. Besides flat, compact ceiling caps in the round and square, you'll also find more decorative ones in our assortment. For example, you can buy a ceiling cap in white or black, but also in a silver or gold color. So you can hang your lamp in style.

Ordering lamp parts at Lamplord

In our assortment you will find a wide range of lamp parts to hang or restore your lamp. Do you have questions for us or are you looking for more information? Please contact our customer service.