Brocante Table Lamp

Below you will find all Brocante Table Lamps from the period 1900-1970. All 100% Checked by us and Ready for Years Of Perfect Use.

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Authentic bric a brac table lamps

Create an authentic atmosphere on your table with a bric-a-brac table lamp. Bric-a-brac furniture, also known as brocante furniture, is very popular in the Dutch living room. Brocante often includes furniture that is still too young to be called 'antique'. 

With a brocante style you bring a nostalgic and rural atmosphere in your home. Brocante furniture is often compared to vintage items. The typical difference often lies in the ‘used’ character of the brocante items. Think of a visible crack, or a bit of paint that is flaking. In contrast, vintage table lamps are expected to be delivered in perfect condition. 


Brocante table lamp with your interior

Do you have a classic or modern interior? This can be perfectly combined with a piece of bric-a-brac furniture. However, entire brocante interior is also beautiful. Do you currently have a classic wooden table or old furniture in your home? Then you can create a unique, stylish atmosphere with this collection of brocante table lamps. Try it out, and experience the country lights!


Quality bric a brac table lamps 

At Lamplord, you will find a wonderful collection of brocante table lamps from the period 1900-1970. All our table lamps have been carefully checked and are ready for years of use. 

Many of the lamps originate from the 1930s and 1940s, but also from the 1920s. If necessary, some of them have been restored or parts replaced. Naturally, we ensure that the authenticity of the lamps is maintained during repair.

Most lamps in our range are made of copper or glass, with a characteristic look. Each brocante table lamp within the collection is unique in its kind. Whether you want a table lamp with a red copper or natural stone base, a gold-coloured shade or with candles. Everything is possible within the range of Lamplord. Take a look at our unique 'eye catchers' and experience how these table lamps can make your interior complete.


Buy your brocante table lamp at Lamplord

Set the mood on your table with an authentic bric-a-brac table lamp from Lamplord. Our range offers you the best quality of authentic lamps, guaranteed. Do you see a lamp which fits your interior? And would you like to have it as soon as possible? No problem at all! If you order before 15:30, your lamp will be sent the same day. 

Are you, for whatever reason, not satisfied with your purchase? Then you can return the product free of charge within 21 days.