Vintage Design Lamps

Below you can find vintage lamps of which we know the designer / origin. Vintage hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, desk lamps, all mixed together. For example, if you are looking specifically for a hanging lamp, just search above within the pendant lamps sect

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So on these pages Vintage lamps of which we have been able to find out the manufacturer or designer.

We have a big collection of books and catalogues to figure it out.


Yet there are so many different lamps made in the years 1900-1970 by so many different designers and manufacturers, that we (unfortunately) cannot trace them all.


We always have a good impression of style, material and dating.


We check every vintage lamp that comes to us.

Whether the wiring is okay; we often replace it too.

Whether the fittings are still in order; if not, we will replace them.

And whatever we come across, we repair / overhaul it as good as we can. Preferably making use of vintage lamp parts and always as much as possible in the style of the lamp and the era from which it originated.


So that you can enjoy using the vintage lamp of your choice at once and for many years to come. Plug and Play!