Plugs for lamps

You will find plugs of various types and sizes in the assortment of Lamplord. You can come to us for both old and new plugs to restore your lamp.

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Why replace the plug

When you buy an old lamp or want to restore it, you often come across the fact that it has an outdated plug. Because of this it is often not possible to connect it to a wall socket anymore. Moreover, the lack of an earthed wire can also lead to unsafe situations. To be able to use your old lamp again today, you need a new plug that fits into today's sockets. Of course, it is also possible that your plug is damaged or that you need a completely new lamp cord, which means you have to replace the plug in order to use your lamp again.

Depending on the type of cord, you will need either an earthed plug or an unearthed plug. You cannot replace a grounded plug with an ungrounded plug. Pay close attention to this in order to prevent short circuits and unsafe situations.

Replacing the plug

You can usually undo the old plug with a screw. If that screw is missing, there is no other option than to cut the wire. Make sure that it is not under power.

Next, you need to remove a small piece of the jacket. Make sure that you bare a small piece of copper wire so that you can connect it to the plug. Do not make this piece any longer than necessary.

The copper provides the conductor, which you attach to the new plug. Tighten the strain relief, so that the wires cannot be pulled out. Then screw the plug shut and you can use the lamp again.

Lamps at Lamplord

In our assortment you will find authentic lamps from the period 1900-1970. All the lamps that are online have been thoroughly checked and restored by us. So you can always plug them in and start using them.

Service from Lamplord

Whether you want to buy a lamp, repair a lamp or are just looking for some lamp parts. You can always go to Lamplord. Are you looking for something specific? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to help!
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