Strain Relief

Below you will find strain reliefs, made of plastic or metal. Strain relief, so that the weight of the lamp does not hang from the lamp socket.

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Why strain relief?
If you have a pendant lamp (hanging lamp) that hangs directly on a cord (not on a rod or chain), the weight of the lamp "pulls" on the wires that go into the fitting. You don't want that.

The solution is to use strain relief. This ensures that the pressure of the weight of the lamp is moved to the outside of the cord.

There are various types and models and they all work the same.
In plastic (black, white, transparent) and in metal (brass, matt silver, shiny silver).

How to attach a strain relief:
That is quite easy.

Option 1: Strain relief with male thread
You can connect this directly to an (E14 or E27) fitting, just screw it in.
And then tighten the plastic bolt.

Option 2: Strain relief without male thread
In this case you will need a small piece of threaded end to attach the strain relief to the fitting.

The various individual articles above (often) also contain further explanation.

If you have a pendant lamp on a piece of cord, a strain relief can also be used to get the ceiling cap tight against your ceiling. So you place it right under the ceiling cap.

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