Strain Relief

A strain reliever is a lamp part that not many people know about, yet it is a fairly essential part of a lamp. In our assortment you will find different types of strain reliefs for different lamps.

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What exactly is a strain relief?

If you take a lamp apart, you will come across this part a lot. This prevents the weight of the pendant lamp from hanging on the connection points of a fitting or terminal block. A simple tow barrel has 3 holes and is also called a hanging hook. You can use two holes to pull the cord through. On the third hole you can hang the lamp. The weight of the lamp is now absorbed by the tow bar. In our assortment you will find different types of strain relievers made of plastic or metal.

Why use a strain relief?

A strain relief ensures that the lamp is not just hanging the fitting or terminal block. If you do not use a strain relief, the lamp hangs, as it were, only on the lamp cord. You don't want that. Especially if the lamp is heavy it can be dangerous. With a strain relief you divide the weight and the pressure is transferred to the outside of the cord.

There are all kinds of types and models and in general the strain relievers are all the same.
In plastic (black, white, transparent) and in metal (brass, matt silver, shiny silver).

Attaching a strain relief is quite simple and can be done in basically two ways.

Option 1: Strain relief with male thread
You can connect this directly to a (E14 or E27) fitting. The strain relief is placed above the fitting. You just slide it over the wire and then you can tighten the bolt.

Option 2: Strain relief without male thread
In this case you need a small piece of wire end to attach the strain relief to the fitting. With our products there is also a further explanation for attaching a strain relief.

You can also use a strain relief to make sure your ceiling hood is tight against the ceiling. You can then place the strain relief just below the ceiling hood.


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