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The Story Of Lamplord.com

The story of LampLord originates generations ago and it is a real family tradition.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents generation already specialised in metalworking in the first half of the last century.

Almost half a century ago my father Bert decided to further specialise this craftmanship tradition into restoring antique lamps and vintage furniture accessories. Whilst Bert and Shamilla are still fully active and involved, me, his son Igor, and Rinia have since long stepped in. 

LampLord is a true family business with a passion for antique and vintage lamps.

I estimate that there are currently about 1,500 antique and retro lamps online and that there are still about 2,000 in our warehouse that we still have to restore (we previously do not put a lamp online).

Over the years we have already seen many beautiful old and antique lamps.

That is also the nice thing about old lighting, almost every copy is unique and has its own characteristics, brings its own atmosphere, and sometimes also his / her own story.

And that is exactly what you bring into your home with an antique or vintage lamp. A unique experience, a very personal atmosphere. Carefully selected lighting really makes your house a home.

How do we get all these lamps? Yes, they come from everywhere and nowhere, from home and abroad. Sometimes just one or two copies because someone is moving and they no longer fit in the new home. And sometimes hundreds at a time, because someone has stopped running his antique shop.

My father is a true antique dealer and restorer. He is passionate about the vintage products and very handy indeed. My box was in the shop from a very early age, I literally grew up among the antiques. I've been helping my dad out since I was ten. At one point we found the ceiling somewhat empty, so we hung some nice lamps ourselves. Anyway, one thing led to another and this is how we came to collect a unique collection of antique and vintage lamps, built up over many decades.

On request of many of our customers, we started a web shop around 10 years ago. On this site we offer an extensive range of vintage and antique lamps. Many of our customers take pleasure in restoring some of their antique lamps themselves as well. We love to share our passion and happily give tips to enthousiast antique lovers. Many of the questions we often received were about which repair materials and lamp parts best to used. It was on this frequent request that we started to offer to our customers an extensive range of lamp parts and materials to restore lamps. These are parts that we use ourselves. We guarantee, based on our own experience, the high quality of them.  

We have over many decades gained a lot of knowledge about old lighting. And of course also about the best repair methods Before a lamp is placed in our webshop, it has been completely checked by us. Where necessary, we repair the lamp, so that is completely in order and will last for many years to come.

We are happy to meet you on our site and to share our passion for antique and vintage lamps with you!

Igor, Bert, Rinia, Shamilla.


Lamplord - what are we good at:
Vintage and Antique Lamps from the period 1900-1970 and associated lamp parts.

Unique, stylish lighting, that bring extra atmosphere into your home. And beautiful lamps that you enjoy when you look at them!

What Lamplord stands for:
- sharp and clear photos of the lamps. What you see is what you get.
- honest information about the condition of the lamp.
- all lamps are extensively checked before they come online and are technically in order, ready to be used for years to come.
- wiring is always carefully checked and, where necessary, completely replaced.
- ordered before 3.30 pm Central European Time (CET), shipped the same day (except Sundays).
- large and varied online range of retro lamps and antique lamps.

Company details:
Chamber of Commerce: 62350196
VAT: NL8547.81.638.B01

Grote Bickersstraat 267
1013KP ​​Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands

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