Switches for Lamp

At Lamplord, you will find a variety of switches for lamps. Both for a new lamp and for an old lamp, you will find stylish switches in our range.

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Connecting switches for lamps

A switch does little more than connect or disconnect the conduction of electricity. This, of course, makes the light of your lamp go on or off. Follow the steps below to connect your switch:


Determine location
Determine the approximate location where you want to mount the switch or cable switch. Mark this spot with masking tape. Once you are sure that the power is off, you can cut the wire.


Stripping wires
Strip off the sheath at both ends of the wire. This only needs to be about half a centimetre long.


Fitting wires
Open the switch. Here you can see 4 contact points. Unscrew the small screws and remove the plastic strips from your switch. These are meant to hold the lamp cord in place. Press the copper ends of your wire into the screw holes. The order doesn't matter, as long as the colours correspond.


Mounting the cord switch
Now mount the plastic strips over the wire so that it stays in place. Then you can reassemble the lamp switch. Put your cord under power and test whether your switch works.


Lamps and parts at Lamplord

At Lamplord, you will not only find all the lamp parts that you need to make or repair your lamp. We also have a large selection of old, authentic lamps from the period 1900-1970. Are you looking for an old lamp or specific parts? Please contact us, we are happy to help! Do you order your products before 15.30? Your order will be shipped the same day. Did you order something wrong? Or is there something wrong with your order? Then you can simply return your products within 21 days.