Vintage Wall Lamps

Discover the most unique vintage wall lamps at Lamplord. No fake or new lamps in an old jacket. Truly authentic, stylish lamps from the period 1920 to 1970. All our lamps are technically checked and ready to use!

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About our vintage wall lamps

In our assortment you will find different types of wall lamps in different styles. For example, you will find beautiful vintage wall lamps of the brand Hala with a more modern design, but also elegant classic wall lamps with a beautifully designed glass lampshade. All our lamps come from a period between 1920 to 1970, so you can find vintage wall lamps with an antique look, but you can also succeed for authentic lamps that are now real design classics. One thing you can always count on with us: all our lamps are real and authentic!

When we talk about 'vintage design' we are actually talking about products from a certain period of time that have a certain value and recognizability. This can be about clothing of course, but also about interior design and lighting. Vintage has actually become a collective term for many items. In our range of vintage wall lamps you will find a selection from the movements Art-Nouveau, Art Deco but also lamps from the modern movement in the 60s and 70s.

Our vintage wall lamps: ready to use

Because our lamps have been used and are many years old, they are always technically checked by us. Any missing lamp parts or damage will be replaced or repaired by us. When repairing, we naturally take into account the authenticity of the lamp and try to restore it as much as possible. All lamps in our online range can be directly connected without any problems. If there is something wrong with your lamp, you can always return the lamps to us.


Vintage wall lamps buy at Lamplord

Buy your vintage wall lamps at Lamplord? Then you can count on our excellent service. If you order your lamp before 15.30, it will be shipped the same day. With an amount of €199,- you don't have to pay shipping costs anymore for shipments within the Netherlands.
If you are not satisfied with your lamp, you have 21 days to return your order. And if you have problems with your lamp later and it needs to be repaired, we will be happy to help you!