New Arrivals - Antique and Vintage Lamps

You can find Vintage Lamps, Antique Lamps and other Special Lamps at Lamplord. Below you can see our latest Acquisitions of the Past 30 Days, we think these are Beautiful Lamps!

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New Arrivals - Vintage Lamps

Here you will find our latest vintage acquisitions.
All special lamps, unique pieces from the 1900s - 1970s.
And of course all those lamps are checked by us and overhauled where necessary, because we do not place a lamp on our webshop before it is ready to be used again.

On this particular page all styles are mixed together, from retro lamps to industrial lamps to Art Deco lighting. And also all types of lamps criss-cross, from desk lamps to ceiling lamps to pendant lamps.

If you prefer to view just 1 type of lamp, use the navigation at the top of the website.

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