Antique Wall Lamp

Discover the most beautiful antique wall lamps in the Lamplord collection. In our online range you will find more than 50 different types of antique wall lamps from different periods and in different styles.

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Are you curious about all our antique wall lamps? Then never hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a very special and specific type of lamp.


About our antique wall lamps

All our antique wall lamps are technically in good order. Of course they are a bit older and they show (normal) traces of use here and there. We try to photograph the lamps as well as possible, so that you get a very clear and realistic picture of them. If there is really something striking going on, we will of course add that.

Before we put our products online, we inspect each lamp and where necessary we repair it (as much as possible in style of course), so that you always get a well-functioning lamp and beautiful that can last for years.


Different styles

Are you looking for antique wall lamps that create a romantic atmosphere in your home? Then, in our range you will find various antique wall lamps with a beautiful, graceful copper fixture or beautiful lamps with a stylishly designed glass lampshade.

Do you really want something authentic? Then you will also find various wall lamps with candle sleeves, and if you want to use real candles you will find special "piano candle holders" in our range.



Especially from the period 1900 to 1940 you will find many different types of antique wall lamps in our range. Many of these lamps can be recognized by their stylish lampshades. For example, you will also find wall lamps with a glass shade in the shape of a shell. Our lamps will not only provide lighting, but also an authentic atmosphere in your home.


Buy antique wall lamps at Lamplord

If you buy a wall lamp at Lamplord, you can count on a lamp that works technically well and is immediately ready for use. Moreover, you can always return your product for free within 21 days.

Do you order before 3.30 pm CET? Then we ensure that your lamp is shipped on that same day. Do you have questions about our service or our collection? Please contact our customer service!