Vintage Lampshades

Genuine vintage lampshades can be found at Lamplord. In our assortment we have more than 70 different authentic lampshades from the period 1930 till 1970. These lampshades are ideal for a lively and atmospheric interior.

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About our vintage lampshades

Our range of vintage lampshades dates back to the last century. You will find a wide range of lampshades from the 30s to the end of the 70s. Especially from the thirties you will find many art deco lamps and lampshades. This period was very popular. Art Deco is an eclectic style that combined almost all other movements. In addition, the Art Deco movement also embraced the latest technologies that emerged in the 1930s.

The Art Deco lampshades often have unique shapes and are exuberantly decorated, although you will also find less pronounced Art Deco lamps in our range. Also for lampshades from the 60's and 70's you will find a wide range of lampshades in various shapes. Lampshades, lined with cotton, naturally decay faster than lampshades made of glass, which is why our range consists mainly of glass lampshades.


Vintage or retro-look lampshades

There is a big difference between vintage and "retro-look lampshades". Vintage is actually a chic word for second-hand, but the term is broader than that. A lamp, for example, must have a certain age before it can be called an antique lamp. If a lampshade is not that old, then it is a vintage lampshade.

Retro-look lampshades are brand new and are based on designs from the past. You can buy a lamp with the same look, but that does not make it a vintage lampshade. Do you want a lamp that really adds atmosphere and character to your interior? Then choose a real, authentic lamp.


Service at Lamplord

At Lamplord you can find a wide range of real, authentic lamps, lampshades and countless lamp parts for hanging, repairing or restoring your lamp. Are you looking for something specific? Or do you need help repairing your lamp? Then please contact our customer service. Are you not completely satisfied afterwards? Then you can return your items within 21 days.