Art Deco Lamp Shades

View the Art Deco lampshades in the assortment of Lamplord. Stylish, authentic lampshades in various designs from the period 1930 - 1970.

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About Art Deco

Art Deco is a style movement that originated in the twenties and thirties. The characteristic of Art Deco is that it is, as it were, a mixture of different styles, embracing new technology and combining it with traditional designs, shapes and products. In this way Art Deco combines expressionism with modernism and functionalism. In architecture Art Deco has many similarities with the Amsterdam school, the famous building 'Radio Kootwijk' is an example of Art Deco in architecture.

So our Art Deco lampshades can be modern, functional or traditional. This is also clearly reflected in our collection. Some of our Art Deco lampshades have playful shapes and are decorated with graceful colors or a complete scene. The influences of modernism are also clearly reflected in the lampshades with clean shapes and a simple design. In the end you can use an art deco lampshade in almost all directions. For example, in our range you can see a sleekly designed round lampshade, but you will also find glass lampshades in the shape of a shell.


Buy Art Deco lampshades

The Art Deco lampshades in us are all unique. This means that we often have few lampshades in stock. Are you looking for more lampshades? Take a look at our lampshades sets.

Besides the lampshades in our webshop, we have more Art Deco lampshades in our shop. Please visit our shop or contact us if you are looking for a specific lamp.


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