Industrial Hanging Lights

Here you will find all our Industrial Hanging (Pendant) Lamps together. Cool Hanging Lamps, From Old Factories and such. Thoroughly Checked by us, so that they can Last for Years To Come.

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Industrial hanging lights

Are you looking for a new and unique item for your interior? Or do you need a bit of lighting? Then you have to be at Lamplord. Lovers of old-fashioned industrial hanging lights have known how to find us for years and we are proud of that!

Where are you going to hang your industrial lamp? Above the coffee table, the dining table or nice in the hall? The great thing about the industrial hanging light is that it matches well with all types of furniture and interior styles. An industrial lamp is always a tough and playful note in your living space.

An industrial hanging light is originally made for industrial purposes. This means that the lamps are made of sturdy material (usually metal) and can take a beating. All our lamps are therefore durable, timeless and long-lasting. A vintage lamp is a purchase for life.


Industrial hanging light from Lamplord

We are specialists in restored lamps. This means that every lamp is unique. Nobody (or at least almost nobody) has the same lamp as you in the house; how nice is that? With an authentic industrial lamp in your home, you will receive many compliments. You can tell your visitors that your new lamp comes from Lamplord! We can make many people happy with our range of industrial lamps.

We have industrial hanging lights in different styles. Some even come from the beginning of the 20th century. Many pendant lamps for example come directly from old factories. So these industrial lamps are all original and authentic. Take a look at our glass pendant lamps, porcelain pendant lamps or cage models.

Lamplord checks all industrial hanging lights thoroughly and restores and repairs them where necessary. All lamps are therefore technically in order. We ensure that the lamp is polished and looks clean and tidy. In this way, we ensure that the lamp is ready for use and that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Buy industrial hanging lights online

And, is there something for you? You can't miss it with our large selection! We have old lamps in all shapes and sizes, so your industrial hanging light is bound to be among them. 

You can order all our lamps quickly and easily online. From an amount of 199,- you pay no shipping costs. You can try out the lamp for 21 days. Not quite what you're looking for? Return is always free!