Chandelier Parts

You can find chandelier parts below. Such as candle fittings and candle sleeves. And also various glassware / crystal...

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Candle Sleeve - diameter

Before you order candle sleeves; measure exactly the inner diameter you need.
The E14 candle sleeve is available with an internal diameter of 2.3 cm / 0.9 inch
And there is also an E14 candle sleeve with a slightly wider (internal) diameter of 2.7 cm / 1.1inch
So take a good look at which size is suitable for your chandelier!

We also have (see photos) the candle sleeves in various length sizes and in various colors (white, cream, burnt look). There is also a beautiful collection of E27 candle sleeves.

You can easily adjust the height of a candle sleeve by cutting / sawing a piece at the bottom.


Which chandelier light fitting suits which candle sleeve ?

The motto here is: think logically. Take a good look at both diameters, of the sleeve and of the fitting.
The 2.3 cm / 0.9 inch (outer size) of a fitting does indeed fit in a 2.3 cm / 0.9 inch (inner size) candle sleeve.
Do not hesitate, ask us!

And yes, we also have lamp chain, ceiling caps and various other lamp parts. Click on the links, well, you know how it works.