Art Deco Wall Lamps

Discover the most beautiful Art Deco Wall Lamps from 1900-1970 at Lamplord online. All our Lamps are Authentic and Ready to Use.

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Art Deco Wall Lamps

The Art Deco movement had its peak in the period 1920 to 1940. The characteristic of the Art Deco style is that it is a combination of several movements that preceded the Art Deco period. In addition, this style embraces the technological developments of the time and new, modern applications are combined with traditional designs and uses; so very eclectic too. Art Deco wall lamps can be recognized by the rich colours and lavish decorations. Lamps from this movement are deliberately designed to be beautiful and very decorative.


About our lamps

The Art Deco lamps in our range usually contain glass. Often the glass lampshades have a graceful shape or design. You will find various lamps in our range, the glass of which has the shape of a shell. Nature was often a source of inspiration too. Of course, glass is fragile, which is why it is important that these lamps are packed as well as possible when shipping. We have a lot of experience in this. Important since the glass lampshades are often unique and can not easily be replaced.

All Art Deco wall lamps in our range have been technically checked, repaired where necessary and are ready for years of happy use. Our Art Deco lamps come will be a stunning eye-catcher in all kinds of houses and atmospheres, precisely because they are so beautiful in design. So, for example, also in a rural interior, they will provide extra atmosphere and make a unique impression.


Buy lamps at Lamplord

If you buy an Art Deco wall lamp at Lamplord, you get a lamp with a story. Do you order before 15.30? Then your order will be shipped the same day.

Is your lamp not to your liking? Then you always have a reflection period of 21 days in which you can return the lamp for free. Are you looking for something special? Please contact us and let us know. Who knows, we can find exactly that specific Art Deco wall lamp that you are looking for!