Pipe - M10

You can find Pendant Pipes for Lamps Below. Pendulums Pipes for Refurbishing, Hanging or Extending your Hanging Lamp. In Various Lengths. And several Other Lamp Parts that come in handy.

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Hollow tube, with a short piece of M10x1 (fine) thread at both ends.
We have the lamp pendants in various versions, such as brass and matt nickel.

The tubes come in various lengths: 5-10-20-30-40-50-60-70 cm / 2.0 - 3.9 - 7.9 - 11.8 - 15.7 - 19.7 - 23.6 - 27.6 inch. We can also supply other and longer length sizes. Please send us an email with your wishes.

Option 1: Extend Rod
Measure the outside diameter of the current rod on the pendant lamp. Preferably with a caliper. Please measure precisely. A millimeter difference can make a world of difference!

You connect two M10 rods together by using an M10 Connector.
Sometimes we also call them couplings, don't be distracted by that.

Take the end of the rod you want to extend.
There should be a small piece of (screw) thread.
You screw the coupling / connector on there.
Then you turn the 2nd tube into the remainder of the connector.
Ready. You now have a longer lamp pendant / lamp pipe.

When extending a lamp pendant: remember that you may need to replace the lamp wire.
Why: Because it may have become too short because you extended the pipe.

Option 2: Replace Rod
Some people do not find a connector a nice way to make a pendant lamp "longer".
For example, because it gives a small bulge between the two tubes. Or because you are afraid of a colour difference between the two pipes.

Then you can choose to remove the current pipe and place an entirely new pipe.
Remember, you may need to replace the lamp wire because your pendant pipe is now longer.

Option 3: Shorten rod - heavy pendant lamp

Option 3: Shorten Pipe - heavy pendant lamp 
Easiest way:
1. Take out the old pipe.
2. Screw in new pipe.

More difficult way (because not everyone has the required tools):
1. Saw old rod to desired size. Now you have lost the screw thread on one side.
2. Tap screw thread on the pipe. You need screw thread to be able to reattach the hanging hook.
3. Screw the old pipe back in.

Option 4: Shorten rod - not such a heavy hanging lamp
When the pendant lamp is not that heavy (up to 4-5 kg / 9-11 pounds ​​max.), You can work with this hanging hook.
And then you do not have to tap a thread on the sawn-off pipe.

1. Saw the bar to the desired size.
2. Use this: hanging hook
3. Make a small notch in the pipe with the hacksaw, see explanation for the relevant hanging hook.
4. Screw the pipe back in.

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