Brocante pendant lamps

At Lamplord you will find the most beautiful brocante pendant lamps from the years 1900-1970. All technically checked and ready for use. These pendant lamps create atmosphere in every home!

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Brocante lamps at Lamplord

Brocante pendant lamps are not so much one style. Brocante' is actually a term used for furniture, lighting or other items that are too young to be called 'antique'. Before you can speak of an 'antique pendant lamp', the lamp must be at least 100 years old. Authentic, old lamps that are still too young are therefore called 'brocante lamps'.

Various brocante lamps

Many of the pendant lamps in our range are chandeliers. This is an ideal pendant lamp for the hall. Do you have a large hall in your home or do you have a characteristic old house? Then such a lamp will instantly create a stylish, authentic atmosphere.

All the brocante pendant lamps in our range are glass pendant lamps, this material was of course most commonly used. The fabric lampshades that were used in the past have largely perished or been thrown away over the years. Many of the glass lampshades have an ornamental design or are decorated with coloured glass. Are you looking for a country pendant lamp? Then go for a hanging lamp with coloured glass or a beautiful drawing of flowers.

About Lamplord

All the brocante pendant lamps in our range are ready for use. The old lamps are first checked and technically made ready for use. Are you buying a lamp from us? Then you can immediately hang it up. Is the lamp not to your liking or is there something wrong? We'll be happy to sort it out for you! And of course, you can always return it within 21 days. Are you looking for something specific? Or do you have any questions about our product range? Feel free to contact us!