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Below you will find Vintage and Retro Desk Lamps from the 1930s-1970s. All Lamps have been 100% Checked by us and can Last for Many Years!

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Vintage desk lamps used to be found in factories and workshops for practical reasons. Nowadays, these authentic lamps adorn many modern desks. Within our range, you'll find several styles of vintage desk lamps in different shapes and sizes. All our vintage desk lamps come from the period 1920 to 1970. So are you looking for a vintage desk lamp with an antique look? Or would you rather go for a modern classic design? In any case, you can count on it that all our vintage desk lamps have a characteristic origin.


Retro or vintage desk lamp

Often vintage and retro furniture are confused with each other. There are also strong similarities between the two. When you call an object retro, it doesn't have to be incredibly old. With retro, the emphasis is mainly on the old feeling that you get with the object. You can call an item 'retro' even if the design is inspired by something from the past. Vintage items are old and have a cool look. In any case, with both types of desk lamps you can bring an authentic, timeless character into your home.


Vintage lamp on your desk?

These days, vintage lamps are extremely popular on most desks, particularly because of their timeless look. In the 1930s, they were known as robust lamps that lasted and were efficient. Nowadays, tough vintage lamps have found a place on many modern desks.

When you choose a vintage desk lamp, you bring a characteristic look to your workplace. The lamp creates a unique cosy atmosphere and is a must-have for your desk.

Of course, the quality of each vintage desk lamp at Lamplord is highly regarded. The lamps have been carefully checked and are guaranteed to last a long time.


Buy vintage desk lamp at Lamplord

Check out our 'eye-catchers' and bring authentic ambient lighting to your desk. Our range offers you the best quality vintage desk lamps guaranteed. Do you see a lamp that fits your desk? And would you like to have it as soon as possible? No problem at all! Order before 15:30 and your lamp will be shipped the same day.

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