Ceiling Cap + Slip Rings

You can find a ceiling cap, ceiling plate or rosette (just what you call them) here. Lamp parts to hang your hanging lamp neatly, including slip rings for example.

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Why a Ceiling Cap?

To neatly conceal the ceiling hook of the pendant lamp, as well as the terminal block and a small piece of cord. In other words, to make sure it all looks great again!


Do you need a Slip Ring or not?

With this small round metal ring (with a small screw) you can clamp the ceiling cap tightly against the ceiling. Not every ceiling cap has this and so you have to buy the slip ring separately.

When you have a pendant lamp on a cord (so without a setting pipe or metal tube, only a cord), you use a strain relief and not an slip ring. A slip ring has a metal screw and you cannot screw it directly onto a cord. And often an slip ring is also slightly too large in diameter. A strain relief has a plastic screw or clamping mechanism, which you can easily clamp on the cord. And in terms of diameter, a strain relief is visually more beautiful, fits nicely around the cord.


Do you need an Adjustment Pipe or not?

If you have a lamp on a piece of chain, you need an adjustment pipe.
Bend open the last link of the chain and hook this link into the eye of the adjusting pipe.
Bend this link closed again. The adjustment pipe "disappears" in the ceiling cap.
Attach a hanging hook to the other end of the pipe.
Turn a sturdy hook into the ceiling and hang the lamp.
If you have a hanging lamp on a rod, you hardly ever need an adjustment pipe.


Hang a heavy lamp

If you have a really heavy lamp (10kg / 22 pounds and more), we recommend the following instead of an adjustment pipe. A pipe  rod of 10 cm / 4 inch, and 2 solid hanging loops. And of course a sturdy hook in your ceiling, in a place in your ceiling that can support the weight.

How do you weigh how heavy a lamp is: put on the scale or hang on an unster.
Our experience is that there are not that many lamps really very heavy; large industrial lamps, large chandeliers and bronze lamps are the most obvious candidates.

All these lamp parts are of course for sale at Lamplord.
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