E27 sockets for large lamps

In our assortment, you will find no less than 18 different types of E27 lamp sockets. Take a look at our selection and find a stylish fitting for your lighting.

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E27 lamp sockets

Whether you use an incandescent or Led lamp, there are always 3 types of lamp sockets. An E14 fitting is meant for a small lamp, if you have a large lamp, you use an E27 fitting. The 'E' stands for Edison and the number for the size of the diameter. The E27 is about the most common fitting that is used especially for large lamps that need to provide bright or sufficient light. Although a large lamp with an E27 fitting is also used for atmospheric lighting.


Because we at Lamplord have a wide range of authentic lamps, you will also find beautiful, aesthetic fittings in our assortment with which you can restore a lamp to its former glory. So you will also find brass, copper or chrome fittings. But of course you will also find more simple E27 fittings to connect a lamp to. If you order some lamp parts from Lamplord, we can deliver them from €1.95. Depending on the weight of your order, the costs may vary. If you order for more than €199,- we will always send your package for free.

If you have ordered the wrong product or if the products are not entirely to your liking, you can simply return them. Looking for something in particular? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you find the right products.