Pipes + Connectors

Below you will find (Pendulum) Pipes for the Repair of Old Lamps. In Various Length Sizes (10, 20, 30, 40 cm / / 3.9, 7.9 , 11.8 , 15.7 inch). and in 2 Thicknesses (M10 and M13). The Material is Brass (Unpolished and Polished) or Nickel (Unpolished and Po

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Need a longer length size? Please send us an email!
For example, do you have an old glass lampshade that you would like to hang up again? Or (parts of ...) an old hanging lamp that has been in the family for a long time? We have the various lamp parts online, which you need to make this old lamp stunning again and to hang it neatly. If you can't quite figure out exactly what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Below are some practical tips from us about repairing your lamp.

M13 looks a bit fuller (than M10), has a bit more body. Visually therefore recommended for pipes with longer lengths. If you have a slightly larger lamp, then better also use an M13 rod.
Polished nickel: very similar to chrome, think: shiny silver.
Almost all ceiling caps we have have an M10 opening. You can easily make an M13 opening by widening it (using a metal file).

How do you attach a fitting to a pipe?
Scenario 1, an M10 tube: using the small thread on the bottom of the tube; this thread fits into the end of the fitting. Inside the fitting is a small screw, loosen it briefly, screw the tube and fitting together and then tighten this small screw in the fitting again. Ready.
Scenario 2, an M13 tube: place a nickel adapter (or this: copper adapter) at the bottom of the tube (from M13 to M10).
For the nickel copy: screw in a small piece of M10 threaded rod and for the rest, see scenario 1.
For the copper copy: see also scenario 1.

Extend an existing pendulum pipe? Or make a very long bar?
Couplings (pipe connectors) M10-M10 and M13-M13 also exist, in both brass and nickel.
So if you want to extend an existing hanging lamp, place such a coupling piece at the end of the pipe. And then you turn the new piece of tube on top.
You can also use these connecting pieces to make a very long pipe quite easily (for example, to put 3 pieces of 1 meter together to create a tube with a total length of 3 meters). We already have these connectors in house, they are just not online yet. Please contact us if you if you need them!

What else do you need?
A hanging hook (M10 or M13), to hang the pipe on a hook in the ceiling.
A ceiling cap and possibly an slip ring.
A lamp shade holder or a glass carrier, depending on the type of hood you have (whether or not with a raised edge / collar).
A lamp fitting (socket) and a piece of lamp wire.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate and call or email us: [email protected], +31 20-789 33 55.