Bedroom Lighting

Here you will find all kinds of different lamps that you can place well in the bedroom.

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Bedroom lamps / lighting for your bedroom, some things to consider.


Do you want bright light or warm, attractive and more romantic light?                                                                   

For example, rock-hard fluorescent light is not something many people choose for the bedroom.


A reading lamp by your bed, perhaps a lamp by the mirror, there are different places that have different requirements for the amount of light you need.                                                  

Dimmable lighting of course helps in this regard.


The vintage lamps on our website are suitable for making them dimmable.

So if your light switch has a dimmer function, it works well together.

And otherwise you can place a dimmer between them yourself.


Please note that your light bulbs / LED lamps are dimmable.

Some lamps are not dimmable, the light then vibrates and then it is not so nice.

So ask specifically for dimmable lights when you buy LED lamps.


And when you buy bedroom lamps, you should also pay attention to whether the lamp fits this room in style, size and atmosphere. Lamps are very atmospheric, especially vintage lamps.

They can be and should be the finishing touch to your interior.