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In our assortment you will find different lamp fittings that you can use to restore an old lamp, but of course you can also use them for new or homemade lamps. In our collection you will find both E14 and E27 fittings in various designs.

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A fitting in the broad sense is actually just a means by which you can connect different parts to each other. Usually when something is called a fitting we mean the part by which a light source is connected to the fixture of a lamp. There are various types of lamp fittings of which the E27 fitting and the E14 fitting are the most commonly used. We tell you about different fittings.

E27 fitting or E14 fitting
Nice to know maybe, the "E" comes from Edison. The number is the diameter of the underside of the lamp fitting. Completely useless information for many people, but well, nice. In addition to this fitting, E40 fittings are also used, only they are mainly used industrially.

Do you have a fitting with different light sources? Then you will usually have several small fittings (E14). While a pendant lamp or floor lamp with one light source usually has a large fitting (E27).

Bayonet fitting
In old lamps you sometimes come across bayonet fittings, think for example of lighting from France. These fittings are not always very practical, that is why we recommend replacing the bayonet fitting so that you can turn an ordinary lamp in it. When we check or repair lamps we also make sure that an ordinary light bulb or LED lamp fits in it.

We have made our own adapter that is very useful for this repair.

GU10 fitting
GU10 fittings are fittings that you often come across in ceiling pots. We do not have such fittings in our assortment.


Different types of fittings

In our assortment you will find different types of fittings that are suitable for different situations. For example, we have fittings with a smooth outside, but also fittings with a thread. A screw-threaded fitting on the outside can be used to clamp a lampshade. You can use a screw ring to clamp the lampshade.

Depending on the style and look of the lamp you can also choose from different types of materials. For example, you will find materials in our range that go well with old lamps, such as chrome, porcelain and copper fittings. But you can also come to us for ordinary fittings.


Fixing the fitting

All our fittings have an internal thread (M10x1m, fine thread). This makes it easy to attach the fittings to a rod or threaded end. If you have a different size, for example M13, you can work with a reducer nipple. These can also be found in our online assortment.


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