Vintage Lamps

Here you will find our Vintage & Antique Lamps, from the years 1900-1970. Usually unique, one-off copies. So if you really like a particular lamp, do not hesitate too long or reserve the lamp for a few days.

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All our vintage lamps are in our warehouse in Soest, Kingdom of the Netherlands. If you want you are most welcome and to visit us and see all those unique lamps in real life. Have you seen a particular lamp on our website that you would like to see, please write the article number of the lamp in question.

Since traveling in from far might not always be an option, we did our very best to make very clear and realistic photos of our lamps. Like this you can get a good idea of our products while looking at them online. Do you have any questions about the lamps we offer, please never hesitate to contact us at [email protected]