Stock: 43 Piece
Article code: 3-0177J
Technical state

This is vintage lamp material.

M10x1 (intern en externe draad)

Material: copper (brass)
Colour: gold-brownish
Outer Diameter (cm): 1.3 (0.5 inch)
Length (cm): 1.7 (0.7 inch)


Male-female adapter nipple.
Can be used to extend pipes with a diameter of 1.0 cm (M10x1) 0.39 inch.
The adapter is made of brass.
The opening and the protrusion therefore have a diameter of 1.0 cm with a fine wire winding (M10x1).
The outside without thread, the smooth piece has a diameter of 1.3 cm (0.5 inch).

Can come in handy when you are repairing lamps.

Please note: this is vintage repair material, so may contain scratches, stains or some dust.
And it also applies: gone = gone.