Lamplord - Shop in Soest

Our physical lamp shop (or warehouse) is located in Soest.
There you will find an overwhelming amount of vintage and antique lighting and lamp parts.

Address: Burg. Grothestraat 45 in Soest
We are present this week:
Friday: 11.00 - 15.30
Saturday: 11.00 - 15.30

So come and have a look in Soest if you like antique and vintage lamps.
Think that there are 2-3x as many lamps in the store than currently online.

We are also available on Tuesday and Thursday, but by appointment only.

Do you want to make an appointment:
Call us: 035 - 60 105 86 or 020 - 789 33 55.
Mail us: [email protected]

If you have a specific vintage lamp that you would like to view, please provide us with the article number in advance. Then we will bring out the lamp for you so that you can take a good look at it.


Cleaning and Sorting

The glass lampshades are all washed, because they are often really dirty when we receive them.
A bucket of soapy water, that really helps them :)
The smaller glass goes in the dishwasher.
We do the larger lampshades and lampshades with a fragile image on them in soapy water by hand.
If we come across glass with cracks in it or large pieces missing, we put it in the glass bank.

Lamp glass - not clean yet
Obtain lamps

A question we are regularly asked is “how did you get all those lamps?”
We have been doing this for about 40 years now, refurbishing and selling antique and vintage lamps with pleasure and success.
In 40 years you can collect quite a few lamps…

Sometimes we go looking ourselves, on the road with our bus. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France.
Entire batches of lamps regularly come to us via via, because people now know where to find us.
We will also go there with our bus. Let's get acquainted, see what it is and see if we can work it out.

And private individuals also come to us with lamps that they have for sale.
But that is only a small part of our purchasing for us. And sometimes people just leave lights with us.
Because they like it when the lamp gets a new destination somewhere and is not carelessly thrown away.

Lamp in our shop.

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