21 august 2023

Making a Lamp from a Vase

How do you turn a vase into a table lamp?
That is a question we regularly receive via email.

The first question is: what kind of lampshade do you have?
Do you have: a fabric lampshade that you can clamp with 2 screw rings on the fitting?
Do you have a: glass lampshade with a raised collar, which you can clamp with 3 screws?

When you have a fabric lampshade
These lampshades are made in all kinds of designs.
Some clip onto the incandescent/LED lamp.
Some are clamped onto the fitting with 2 screw rings.
And with some you place the metal frame just below the fitting.

So think especially about the fitting (E14, small fitting or E27, large fitting).
And whether or not the fitting should have a screw thread on the outside; where you can turn the screw rings.

If you have a glass lampshade, which you clamp with 3 screws:
Then you need a glass carrier. You place this under the fitting.


Good. Now the rest. Of course, there is also a bit of creative thinking per vase itself.
The broad outlines are about the same in terms of idea.

You often place a rod from top to bottom through the vase.
The best thing is when you can neatly attach / fix it to the bottom of the vase.

Below are some lamp parts that may be useful for this:
Body ring

Also think about where the cord goes.
Sometimes it goes out of the vase on the side.
Then these parts can be useful:
Plate nipple
Coupler with side entrance

Sometimes the cord goes out of the vase at the bottom.
Then make sure you have some space so that your vase doesn't wobble when the cord runs underneath it.

Okay, now the point where the rod comes out of the vase.
Here too you want to be able to secure / fix the rod. And also neatly eliminate the opening in the vase.

You need a cover plate for that.
We have a number of them online. If that doesn't work, you can also look between the ceiling caps. And if you are a little handy yourself, you could also make one yourself (eg sawing wood).

How do you attach the cover plate?
Gluing is of course an option.

The other option is using the rod runs through the vase.

With an adjusting ring you can clamp the rod on the cover plate.

In general, the rod rises a little, out of the vase.
You place the fitting on it, see the fittings above and any necessary screw rings.

This way you have a good start, if there are any further questions, we will hear from you.


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