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Condition of the lamp

Also this pendant lamp has been thoroughly checked by us.

Het glas mist her en der een splintertje.

Date: 1920s
Colour: brown, frosted glass
Material: patinated metal, frosted glass
Bulb holder: large size fitting (E27)
Number of fittings: 9
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Total heigth (cm): 125.0 (= 49.2 inch )
Outside diameter (cm): 70.0 ( = 27.6 inch )
shorten / extend: yes, that's possible


Large hanging lamp, Antique lamp, This lamp is from the 1920s. At the top of the brown metal fixture are 3 light points. There are no caps around that, in the 1920s and 30s, showing having electric light instead of gas light was standing. What better way to show that you had electric light than to show the incandescent bulbs directly?! Below this, a large wheel is attached to the ceiling fixture with a chain. 6 small glass caps hang from this wheel. Beautiful! Please mind: the hanging lamp does need some space. The wheel can of course be hung a little shorter on the ceiling fixture, you do this by removing links from the chain. However, make sure that you do not take the balance (figuratively) out of the lamp's appearance.

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