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Article code: 3-0151
Technical state

Diameter ronde opening in midden: 1.0 cm (M10)

Material: metal, galvanised
Colour: silver
Heigth (cm): 1.5 (0.6 inch)
Outer Diameter (cm): top: 8.0 (3.15 inch), bottom: 10.2 (4.0 inch)


Metal glass carrier, round model, to hold glass lampshades without a raised collar.
The opening in your lamp shade can / should be between 8.2 and 9.0 cm.(between 3.23 and 3.75 inch). And then neatly finish on the outside with a cover plate

See some additional photos related to this cover plate. Pictures sometimes say more than words ...

The advantage of this round glass shade holder is that the lamp glass is carried by a larger rim and can therefore is carried more firmly.