Stock: 30 Piece
Article code: 3-0525
Technical state

You still need an adjustment ring (in case of a rod) or a strain relief (in case of a cord).

Material: chrome
Colour: silver - shiny
Outer Diameter (cm): 6.0 (2.4 inch)
Internal Depth (cm): 4.4 (1.7 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 , M10 (0.39 inch)
Heigth (cm): 4.5 (1.8 inch)


Small ceiling plate, shiny chrome.
Inside this cap you can nicely conceal the hanging hook and the terminal block.
Then it all looks neat and tidy again.

Please note, unlike most other ceiling caps, there is no adjustment ring with this cap, with which you can 'fix' the cap tightly against the ceiling.
They can be ordered separately, of course.
The diameter of the opening of the small round hole is: 1.0 cm / 0.39 inch.