5.95 / Piece

Stock: 72 Piece
Article code: 3-3291

Crystal glass, chandelier bead.
The bead has a round bottom that consists of 8 lobes.
The bead runs in a cross at the top.
At the front, the bead is formed in a two-plane division: from top to bottom.
The back of the bead is flat.

The height of the bead is 6.4 cm (2.5 inch).
The bead measures 4.0 cm (1.6 inch) at its widest point.

If you also need connecting pins or bow ties, order these too.
Pins are not included.

Technical state

This is new glassware for chandeliers.

Material: crystal glass
Colour: transparent
Width (cm): 4.0 (1.6 inch)
Thickness / depth (cm): 0.7 (0.3 inch)
Length (cm): 6.4 (2.5 inch)