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Stock: 269 Meter
Article code: 3-1008
Technical state

Minimum order is 1 meter.

The cord is supplied in 1 piece; maximum length 100 meters.

Colour: black
Outer Diameter Wire (cm): 6 mm (0.24 inch)
Material: cable with fabric exterior
Wire: 3 x 0.75


Black braided fabric cord.
To attach to your old (or new, vintage style) lamp and make it look extra authentic again.
Just because it is so beautiful!

The cord is 3 core.
You do not have to use that third wire (earth) directly, but it does ensure that the cord looks so nicely twisted.

The lamp wire is always supplied in 1 piece. So if you order 5 meters, you get 1 piece of wire of 5 meters.