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Article code: 3-0206

Small shiny silver-colored metal cover cap.
The diameter is 3.0 cm and the opening has a diameter of 1.0 cm (so suitable for M10 rods).

Note: this is beautiful, original vintage lamp repair material. So here and there a scratch, stain and some dust is quite possible. We can also no longer order it, so only available as long as our stock lasts.

Here you will find other cover caps.

Technical state

Vintage reparatie materiaal: stof, krasje, vlekje is mogelijk.

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Material: metal
Colour: silver
Heigth (cm): 1.3 (0.5 inch)
Outer Diameter (cm): 3.0 (1.2 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 (0.39 inch)