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Condition of the lamp

Some minor damage, see the photos and/or the description.

This lamp has also been completely checked by us.

Date: 1930s
Colour: pink, silver
Material: glass, chrome
Bulb holder: small lamp holder, E14
Number of fittings: 5
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Diameter Ceiling Cap (cm): 10.0 (3.9 inch)
Total heigth (cm): 85.0 (33.5 inch)
Outside diameter (cm): 70.0 (27.6 inch)


Art Deco lamps.
Signed hanging lamp: Degue

The hanging lamp has a square tube system.
A square pink glass shade hangs from the bottom of the fixture.
The hood has an imprint of flowers.

4 semi-circular glass caps are attached to the bowl.
The edge of 1 of the caps has minor damage.
See the photos for this.

Degue is a brand of fine French glass.
Founded around 1925 by David Gueron (1892 - 1950).
Gueron was born in Turkey.
He was forced into the foreign legion at the age of 22.
He was sent to the front and was wounded there.
He then retired and ended up in France.

The Degue factory made vases, bowls, perfume bottles, lampshades, chandeliers, etc.
Until the 1930s, Degue's glassware was very colorful.
After the 1930s, however, it became more matter-of-fact and more subdued.
This was in response to the Great Depression.

The glassware of Degue and Muller Freres have many similarities.
Geuron followed Muller closely.
Especially since Muller was very successful.
They have been involved in a lawsuit for 6 years.
Muller accused Gueron of copycat behavior.
In 1932, the case was finally settled out of court.
Both companies were financially devastated by the case.

In 1936 there was another major strike by the workers who were dissatisfied with wages.
The strike took place all over France.
Degue stopped producing for this reason.
In 1939 the company really was dissolved.

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