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Condition of the lamp

Classic pendant lamp, shows normal traces of use.

Also this pendant lamp has been thoroughly checked by us.

Date: 1930s
Colour: orange-purple, black
Material: glass, cast iron
Bulb holder: small lamp holder, E14
Number of fittings: 4
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Diameter Ceiling Cap (cm): 14.5 (5.7 inch)
Total heigth (cm): 85.0 (33.4 inch )
Outside diameter (cm): 75.0 (29.5 inch)


Beautiful hanging lamp from the 1930s, from France.
This hanging lamp is signed: Degus.

An elegant cast iron fixture and orange-purple glass.
The middle bowl has 1 small fitting.
Provides warm and atmospheric light when the lamp is on.

The glass bowl has a diameter of 75.0 cm (29.5 inch).
The ceiling rose is not adjustable.
Extension is possible by hanging the lamp on the desired amount of chain and completing this with a ceiling rose with hook.

David Gueron (1892-1950) was the founder of the 'Degue' brand, the signature 'Degue' consists of the phonetic combination of the first letters of his first and last name together. Gueron was born in Turkey and came to Europe as a soldier during the First World War. He was injured during the First World War and had to leave the army for that reason.

In the 1920s, Gueron was engaged in the production of glassware in Compiegne, just above Paris. In 1925 there was the 'Art Decorative Exposition' in Paris and Gueron decided to settle in Paris with a small factory and a shop. Gueron is best known for the use of color in the glass, after 1930 the use of color becomes less and the designs more subdued.

Gueron is contemporary with: Daum, Muller (frere), Maynadier and Schneider. He fought a long legal battle with Schneider (1926-1932). Schneider accused Degue of plagiarism. Both companies were on the brink of collapse after this legal battle that cost a lot of money.

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