Stock: 26 Piece
Article code: 3-3250
Technical state

Vintage glassware, shows (normale) traces of use.

Material: glass
Colour: rainbow
Thickness / depth (cm): 0.8 (0.3 inch)
Length (cm): 9.5 (3.7 inch)
Diameter of the glass (cm): 1.6 (0.63 inch)


Octagon series.
Chandelier glass.
Rainbow glass.

Set of 5 beads.
Beads have a diameter of 1.6 cm (0.63 inches).
The thickness of a bead is 0.8 cm (0.31 inches).

Octagon is often somewhat flat on one side.
The other side ends in a point.
When you look through the flat side, a star effect appears in the glass.

If you need bow ties or pins yourself?
Order these separately, there are no pins with this bead.